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Why I Love The Volkswagen T-Cross SUV

Why I Love The Volkswagen T-Cross SUV

Small size SUVs seem to have taken over the car market at the moment, with the Volkswagen T-Cross SUV leading the pack in style, versatility and brand authority. There is a lot to appreciate about this robust small SUV from Volkswagen, so let’s find out why I love the Volkswagen T-Cross SUV.

Stunning Volkswagen looks

The aesthetics of the T-Cross is typical of Volkswagen – impressive, imposing and intelligently designed. One of the biggest praises for the T-Cross is how good it looks from any angle. With a wide front grille, sleek streamlined lines around the body and a smart-looking front, the T-Cross ooze Volkswagen class. If you are looking for something more executive, Volkswagen has rolled out a signature Black Edition T-Cross that features a range of upgrades including new trim and electronics.

Designed for the urban sprawl

Mini SUVs are popular thanks to their looks, versatility on different terrains and increased field of view. The Volkswagen T-Cross offers all of the above in a dependable package, with a quality that you would expect from the automotive powerhouse that is VW.

Driving the T-Cross, you quickly notice how planted the car feels on the ground, which is rare for any type of SUV. Moreover, it has light handling and steering which makes it perfect for city driving. The suspension in particular is excellent, soaking up potholes and divots in the road with no problems at all. This is definitely a comfortable vehicle and Volkswagen have gone out of their way to ensure a smooth ride.

Enough room for endless possibilities

It is clear that the VW T-Cross has been designed meticulously, using up every available nook and cranny to offer a lot of interior space. With room enough for five passengers and plenty of leg and headroom, the T-Cross would make for a perfect family car or shuttle. With rear seats that can be moved backwards or forwards, you can create even more room for transporting bulky items.

The T-Cross doesn’t neglect boot space either, with a 455-litre boot capacity that shoots up to 1,280 liters with the back seats down.

A perfect all-rounder

The Volkswagen T-Cross is a spacious, reliable mini-SUV that can handle almost anything you throw at it. If you are interested in trying the Volkswagen T-Cross out for yourself, check out the latest VW Lease Deals from CarLeasing-Online.co.uk.