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Filters for Cars

If you want to run your beloved car like a Champion, car filters are must. If your filters get clogged, it can cause problems and can affect car performance. There are many signs that signify towards the change in filters such as loss of power, dirty smoke, oil light or even engine failure. To know more about filters for cars visit Rexbo.co.uk.


Every car has four main filters- The Cabin Filter, Oil Filter, Fuel Filter, Air Filter. The function of these filters is to enable flow and catch impurities in the fuel, air and oil. If your car filters are not replaced in time, they won’t work properly and in the end, it could cause an impact on the mechanics. By replacing filters your car will be more efficient.

Air Filters

Air filters are necessary to trap dust particles so that clean air can make it to the engine for combustion. It helps in improving performance, power fuel efficiency and potentially longer engine life. A clean quality filter can help improve the car’s overall performance. The 10 Best Engine Air Filters for Cars will help you in maintaining your cars at best.

when deciding how often to change air filter, depends on where you typically drive. If you are travelling dirt or gravel roads, you will need to replace air filters more frequently. There are many reasons to change air filters as for a better car performance, to save on fuel and to avoid black smoke.

Oil Filters

dirt particles can do a serious damage to bearings, cylinders and other engine parts. This is why oil filters are necessary. These particles can lodge between spaces and may began to generate heat, which can cause damage to surfaces. Oil filters need to be changed each time you change oil. High mileage vehicles are more prone to engine breakdown and need be maintained regularly with oil filters. reasons to change oil filters on time are to reduce engine wear and to avoid soiling your new oil.

Cabin filters

The purpose of the cabin filter is to catch dust, dirt, leaves, pollen and other particles that get inside the car through the air intake. these particles can surely irritate allergies and asthma and can cause passengers discomfort. If you have carbon activated cabin filter, it also captures exhaust gasses and odours. There are  many reasons to change cabin air filter as to breathe fresher air, to avoid safely and visibility issues, to increase the life of your car’s AC heating system. Cabin air filters need to be changed more often if you drive regularly through polluted or dusty areas. 

Fuel Filters

The fuel filter catches the impurities from gas and sediments from the fuel tank to protect the pump and keep the injectors from being clogged. The debris that get inside the filter, cause the engine to reduce the overall power and cause issues in starting the vehicle. To extend the life of your fuel filter, make sure to use clean and high quality fuel.