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How to Rent a Car in the Netherlands After It Appears on the Green Covid-19 List

How to Rent a Car in the Netherlands After It Appears on the Green Covid-19 List

It looks like Covid-19 is here to stay for now. Based on the current information in April 2021, there is a high risk of exposure to COVID-19 in the Netherlands. All travellers should check the FCDO travel advice and carefully consider the risks of exposure to COVID-19 before travelling to this country. Those in clinically extremely vulnerable groups should seek advice before travel. Individuals entering or returning to the UK may be required to follow additional UK border measures including self-isolation.

Good tidings

But we can all dream and plan for when the restrictions are lifted, and as it would seem in the past press conference, this keeps getting closer. Even after the Netherlands appears on the green list, things will look a bit different at car rental counters. Whether you want to rent a car Eindhoven or anywhere else in the Netherlands, you’ll see that the rental counters now have all sorts of health & safety measures, as you have been seeing in supermarkets, shops, banks, etc. PPE will be used, social distancing needs to be in place, they will clean and sanitise everything regularly and there will be protective screens at the desk.

When it comes to the rental car itself, the rental companies have always had it spotless but now they are taking cleanliness to a whole new level. The cleaning staff will take special care to disinfect what they call “high touchpoints” like the steering wheel, door handles, gear sticks and seats. They also assure us that any car that has been in contact with Covid-19 will be quarantined.

Of course, rental car companies are also trying to do everything they can to help people who fall ill unexpectantly. This can be for a future booking or for someone who gets ill during their rental period.

How do the companies handle safety?

And as time passes, car rental companies can change their protocols according to the latest updates from the World Health Organisation (WHO) as well as the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and governments around the globe, this way, for example, Car rental Schiphol, are safer.

Most of the car rental companies remain committed to providing you with the experience and service you expect from them as the impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to decrease, putting the safety and wellbeing of the customers and employees as their priority. We hope that we can soon travel again without any hindrances but until then we can be assured that our safety is of top priority to these companies.

Rest assured, when the borders open up, most rental car companies have your best interest at heart. If you do manage to get ill, they will collect the vehicle and make sure that your contract is altered.