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The Evolution of the E-cigarette

The Evolution of the E-cigarette

Like all kinds of technology, the e-cigarette also has its humble beginnings. It didn’t use to have all these different styles or had different kinds of flavored e-liquids available. As time went on the e-cigarette had all kinds of upgrades added in order for it to last longer, hold more liquid in it, and simply look more aesthetically pleasing. Here is the evolution of the e-cigarette.

The cig-a-like

These were one of the first e-cigarettes on the market. The closely resembled a real cigarette and felt like one too. Their purpose was to convince traditional smokers to ditch the cancer stick and use the electronic version instead. The cig-a-like imitates all of the elements of smoking a real cigarette without the harmful repercussions. You smoke your nicotine in basically the same way and leave all the damaging tobacco business behind. This version of the e-cigarette is rarely sold in popular vape stores because of all the new upgrades there are, including upgrades made to cig-a-likes, though they are not called that anymore. The cig-a-likes, like all e-cigarettes, have a reusable and a disposable version, though both hold little e-liquid in them.

Vape pens

The first upgrade to the e-cigarette happened when the vape pens were introduced. The vape pens hold more e-liquid than their predecessor with a more noticeable taste, as well as have a longer battery life, and they were user-friendly. Like the cig-a-like, the vape pen has gone through its own modifications to fit today’s vaping necessities. They have a multitude of sizes and colors to choose from and they have the ability to adjust the airflow intake in order to change how fast the vape reaches the lungs of the user, this also changes how big the clouds are when exhaled. People with e-smoking experience typically suggest first-timers use vape pens.

Vape mods

Vape mods are the new and improved versions of the e-cigarette. The term ‘mod’ comes from modifications, as back when these improvements weren’t commercialized, vaping connoisseurs would modify their own vapes in order to get bigger clouds as that is a trend amongst vapers. Unfortunately, those DIY modifications didn’t come without repercussions such as it catching on fire or even exploding. A popular and safe vape mod is called a box mod. These are the more popular, sophisticated, and therefore more pricey e-cigarettes in the market these days. The box mod e-cigarette is notably not for beginners as it is a lot more complicated to maintain than the others, however, in terms of use it isn’t too complicated. The box mods are seen as the professional vaper device, with an even longer battery life, higher intensity with flavors, scents, and making clouds.

Pod mods

This version of the e-cigarette is the closest one to the cig-a-likes. They are small, easy to use, and very portable. The pod mods are basically cig-a-likes 2.0. If seasoned e-smokers had to pick the best beginner device between the pod mod and the cig-a-like, the winner will undoubtedly be the pod mod. These e-cigarettes also have a higher dose of nicotine than the cig-a-likes which makes things even easier for smokers to adjust to vaping instead.